How to check PNR Status 

PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 Digit Unique Number generated when a Indian Passenger books a train ticket for seat reservation via online or offline.It is written on the top left corner of reserved ticket. PNR 10 digit code is generated automatically after when CRS (Central Reservation System) gets full information about the passenger like journey details, passenger name, passenger age, gender, train number etc. PNR Digit is very useful when your ticket is in WL(waiting list) or RAC (reservation against cancellation) then you can check the status whether your reservation is confirmed or not.

Below are the popular ways through which PNR status enquiry can be checked:-
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    You just need to visit this website and press PNR Status Tab in menu bar.After that enter your 10 digit PNR Number and then click on "Go" button.Within some seconds you will get the status.

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    Open your mobile app store and search "EasyTrainInfo" App. Just install it in your smart phone. Open it, you will see a PNR Status tab on home page.You can find PNR status on side panel which shows when click on top left side bar icon.Then Enter your 10 digit PNR Number and click on "Go" button.Results will show within seconds.

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    a. SMS PNR <10 Digit PNR Number> to 139

         Ex: PNR 1234567890 to 139

    b. SMS <10 Digit PNR Number> to 5676747

         Ex: 1234567890 to 5676747

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    This is another way for those people who do not have internet or smartphone. To facilitate the passengers, Indian Railway installed machines on railway stations which can be used by anyone to get his PNR Status.

  • Terms related to PNR Status and Indian Railway Reservation System:-
  • - Indian Railway releases RAC(reservation against cancellation) tickets, when all available seats/births on a train are reserved.
  • - Indian Railway releases WL(waiting list) tickets, when all RAC's are reserved.
  • *Note: Almost on every train, some tickets are cancelled due to many reasons. Then these cancelled seat/birth allots to RAC or WL tickets. Also when reservation chart is prepared(usually before 2 hours of departure of train at every stopage station) and if there are still some births/seats available in different quotas, will be given to RAC/WL ticket holders.

    Understanding your reservation ticket and reservation terms:-

    There are two codes written on your reservation ticket.These codes tell you the position when you did reservation and bought ticket and another tell your current position.

    Here is an example: WL 5/WL 2 .

    Explanation:- when you booked reserved ticket the WL(waiting list) at position 5, but by the time you actually bought the ticket online you moved to position 2 (either due to cancellation or to someone not making a final booking or some other reasons). The first code (WL 5) will remain same, it indicates position when you joined the queue of WL. The second code (WL 2) will decrease until you get a CNF ticket or until reservation chart not prepared.

    Some code explained:-
  • WL 5/WL 2 = Your current position is 2 in WL tickets queue: you cannot board the train.
  • WL 5/RAC 3 = Your current position is 3 in RAC tickets queue: you are allowed to board the train, but you may get a seat instead of a berth.
  • WL 5/CNF = Your reservation is confirmed: you can board the train and you have a reserved berth.

  • If train is ready to departure and its reservation chart is prepared, the cost of WL tickets will be automatically refunded to respected bank account.

    *Note: There can be significant fluctuation on the waitlist on the very last day, so you may get an RAC status at the last minute. In such a case, you will not get a refund, as an RAC is actually a boarding ticket.

    Types of WL(waiting list) Tickets and their confirmation priority:-

    Based on some predefined rules,Indian Railway maintain different types of waiting list quota on tickets when ticket is not confirmed.

  • GNWL ticket is on highest priority to confirmation. You may get a GNWL ticket, if you start journey from a station close to train's source station and end journey at a station close to train's destination station.
  • If you are booking your ticket under tatkal quota, you will get CKWL status when tatkal seats/births are not available.Note that GNWL tickets always confirm first and then CKWL.So there is a very less chance that a CKWL ticket will be confirmed.

  • Apart from these two popular waiting list quotas, Indian Railways has defined some other WL quotas for long journey trains like RQWL (Request Waiting List), RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List), RLGN (Remote Location General Waiting List), PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List) and RSWL (Roadside Station Waiting List). Confirmation chances for all these types of waitinglist tickets are very less.

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